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Aware of the construction industry's responsibility for climate change, INTEGRALE Engineering set up a Sustainable Development Department in 2010, which is involved in all phases of design on each of our projects, in order to reduce the ecological impact of our achievements.

We therefore advocate :



Aware of construction's responsibility for climate change, we are committed to all aspects of Sustainable Construction, while complying with all applicable laws, standards and rules of the trade.

INTEGRALE Engineering designs and oversees the construction of public and private projects of all sizes. From the programming and feasibility phases right through to delivery, INTEGRALE provides owners and architects with high added value in terms of technical quality of construction and respect for costs and deadlines.

INTEGRALE's skills cover all the major construction themes:

  • Reinforced concrete
  • Metal structure
  • Wood structure
  • Roof framework
  • Waterproofing
  • Exterior cladding
  • Earthquake engineering
  • High and low current electricity
  • Photovoltaïque
  • Climatisation
  • Ventilation
  • Air treatment
  • Plumbing
  • Sprinkler and RIA
  • Medical Fluids
  • Solar hot water production
  • Building exteriors (grading, parking lots, service roads, fencing)
  • Network management (electricity, telecommunications, outdoor lighting, water supply, wastewater, rainwater, etc.)
  • Overall design of buildings with regard to fire hazards (services, equipment, building layout and structure, evacuation of people, protection of property and people)
  • Fire Safety Systems Coordination
  • Passive design (insulation/solar protection/ventilation), acoustics, energy management

Our Sustainable Development Department is generally involved in all phases of the design process to reduce the ecological impact of our projects.


Ten-Year Civil Liability (RCD) covers the cost of repairing damage affecting the solidity of the structure, or rendering it unfit for its intended use, for 10 years after acceptance of the work.

Professional Civil Liability (RCP) covers damage caused to third parties by the contractor, his staff or his equipment after the work has been carried out.

INTEGRALE Engineering holds a Ten-Year Civil Liability (RCD) and Professional Civil Liability (RCP) insurance policy, in compliance with the French Law of January 4, 1978, the standard clauses of the Insurance Code (Art. 241-1) and the Decree of December 22, 2008 (Art. R 243-3) and the Decree of November 19, 2009, underwritten by MONTMIRAIL with LLOYD'S underwriters, since 01/01/2009 (contract N°25-16-16189-09).

From 2021, our activities will include :

Professional Civil Liability or RC Pro covers you if a third party suffers material, immaterial or bodily damage as a result of an error, fault or negligence on the part of your company and its representatives, in the performance of its professional activities.

The Mauritius Civil Code (Article 1382-1386) states that "Any act whatsoever, of man, which causes damage to another, obliges the person by whose fault it occurred, to repair it". CANOPEE has therefore taken out professional liability insurance covering the following points, among others:


Since the creation of the Design Office, INTEGRALE Ingénierie has been constantly striving to improve quality, thereby generating high added value for the company and its employees.

This approach involves all stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders, insurers, etc.), with the main aim of continuously improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

It has 9 main objectives:

  1. Identifying and listening to our customers' expectations
  2. Visualization and clarification of our internal processes
  3. Defining and communicating our orientations and objectives
  4. Matching skills to needs
  5. Increased management of our resources
  6. Mastering design, procurement and purchasing
  7. Control of flows and studies in progress
  8. Measuring customer satisfaction
  9. Implement actions for continuous improvement

This rigor has enabled us to become a reference on Reunion Island; today, this same approach is leading us towards Qualification in the various technical fields, and should take shape in the next few years towards qualification of a quality system to ISO 9000 standards.



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