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The STRUCTURE Pole includes structural engineering, structural diagnosis, and deconstruction engineering.

 As such, we carry out the following studies :

  • Calculation of the load drops
  • Seismic study and modeling
  • Dimensioning of foundations (footings, piles, shafts, inverts, stringers) and slabs
  • Resizing of primary frameworks in infrastructure and substructure (columns, beams, slabs, walls, framework)
  • Concrete under hydrostatic pressure (basins, retaining walls, tanks, swimming pools)
  • Waterproof concrete
  • Pre-stressed concrete
  • Structural diagnosis and verification by calculation of existing structures
  • Reinforcement and modification of structures (wood, metal, concrete)
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the building
  • Deconstruction methodology
  • Waste management and treatment


The FLUIDS Pole brings together all the electrical and air conditioning and ventilation engineering skills within the building.

 As such, we carry out the following studies :

  • VDI, video, videophonie networks
  • Time distribution and time management
  • Acces control
  • Functional, comfort and safety lighting
  • Public lighting
  • Architectural enhancement
  • Management of the regulatory or comfort air renewal, in a concern of air quality
  • Treatment of temperature and interior hygrometry of comfort
  • Architectural enhancement
  • Compressed air network
  • Hot and cold water network (individual, collective or tertiary)
  • Hot water production (including solar hot water production)
  • Manual extinguishing system (RIA, Fire extinguishers)
  • Installation of Sprinklers
  • Flow studies
  • Sizing
  • Studies of horizontal, vertical and mixed means of transport


The ROADS AND NETWORKS Pole manages the servicing of a site from the moment it is taken over until the building is put into service.

  • Watershed Analysis
  • Simulation of the initial state of the land and the impact of the construction of development project
  • Definition of compensatory measures (infiltration, retention...)
  • Sizing of the Ep networks
  • Consistency of the development project
  • Hydraulic studies within the framework of the regulatory instruction (development permit, building permit)
  • Realization of "water law" (declaration and authorization)
  • Sizing and installation of retaining structures
  • General earthworks in cuttings, embankments
  • Geberal design of the levelling according to the site topography and project elevations
  • Compliance with the PMR standard
  • Consistency of the levelling with the EP networks
  • Stormwater (including connection to the public network, design of non-collective sanitation, land application, micro plant)
  • Wastewater (including connection to the public network, implementation of compensation systems such as ditches, retention basins, management of polluted water by phytoremediation)
  • Drinking Water Supply Non Drinking Water (including connection to the public network, fire network, watering network)
  • Telecom, High/Low Voltage (civil engineering of electrical and communication networks including connection to existing networks)
  • Low voltage networks (transformer station and distribution network in MOD EDF)
  • Surface treatment
  • Signage
  • Fencing, gates and acces control
  • Street furniture
  • Landscaping

fire safety

The FIRE SAFETY Pole develops expertise related to the safety of goods and people with respect to fire risks.

  • Coordination and control missions
  • Awareness missions
  • Administrative missions


The ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY OF THE BUILDING Pole works with the architect and other members of the design team throughout the design process.



The RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Pole supports companies in innovative energy systems and participates in various public and private consortiums.

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