The assURE program, an ally for Réunion's industrialists in reducing their energy consumption

The program dedicated to the industrialists of Reunion Island in the management of their energies

The assURE program enables industrial companies in Reunion Island to reduce their energy consumption and their environmental impact.
This program supports the island's industrialists, all sectors of activity and company sizes, in the implementation of an Energy Management System (EMS), right up to ISO 50001 certification.
Support is provided by service providers, with the program covering up to 50% of the cost.
ADIR, as the Association for the Industrial Development of Reunion, has been leading the program since its creation, with the support and collaboration of ADEME, the Reunion Region and EDF in Reunion.

INTEGRALE Ingénierie and Gaïa Smart Solutions, a group of service providers to support manufacturers

INTEGRALE Engineering and Gaïa Smart Solutions have joined forces to support industrial companies in the assURE program.
Gaïa Smart Solutions, integrator of connected solutions, is in charge of the instrumentation of industrial sites and the parameterization of a platform for monitoring energy consumption.
INTEGRALE Ingénierie intervenes in the implementation of the energy management system, from the initial audit to the implementation of a continuous improvement approach.

A website to promote the assURE program

On the occasion of the 6th anniversary of the program, a website was created to provide information on the program, the companies involved and the service providers who support the companies:

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